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    Updating one item in a datatable

    Sebastian Stenerdal Newbie


      I have a list of items in a datatable. It doesn't have a backing @datamodel-variable though, because it's based on the viewed entity (through #{orderDao.instance.items}). Now I want to, say, change the amount of one of these items, without saving any changes made in the gui to the others.

      My first thought was to just have a commandButton on each row, but having it call orderDao.update updates the entire table, including changes made to the other items. (Which would be great, if I didn't need to make sure that the sum of all the items is below a certain limit)

      One thought on solving this was to call a method which validated the table, and updated the entity if it passed, and reverted back to the previous values if it didn't. (Through a refresh from the persistence) Though I sadly realized that the entityhome-object doesn't have a refresh-method..

      Any thoughts on how this could be solved? Preferably I want a solution centered on the entityhome-dao that I'm using.