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    Clean way to attach debugger for drools

    Yenan Zhou Newbie

      I'm trying to debug drools by attaching the debugger.

      This is my code:

      public class WorkingMemoryControl {
       WorkingMemory workingMemory;
       public void attachDebugger() {
       workingMemory.addEventListener(new DebugWorkingMemoryEventListener());
       List listeners = workingMemory.getWorkingMemoryEventListeners();
       for (Object listener: listeners) {
       System.out.println("[listener] Added in working memeory:" + listener);

      And this is the security method:
       public String secured() {//some code }

      The problem is the postCreate event is always after authorization, which is not what I want.

      09:40:23,014 INFO [STDOUT] Drools rule triggered!
      09:40:23,027 INFO [STDOUT] [listener] Added in working memeory:org.drools.event.DebugWorkingMemoryEventListener@7c9c8a7b

      Can anyone provide some suggestions?
      Thanks in advance.