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    exception handling - likely bug that needs to be investigate

    Wolfgang Schwendt Newbie

      I'd like to mention the following behavior which looks to me like a bug.

      Seam version used: CVS Based Seam 2
      JBoss AS 4.2.1 GA

      How to reproduce:

      Deploy the seamdiscs example with the facelets.DEVELOPMENT config parameter set to false in web.xml. (Note: in web.xml, as checked out from the Seam CVS repository, facelets.DEVELOPMENT is set to true, but we need to set it to false in order to test how exceptions are handled).

      After deployment access the following URL:

      In this URL the artistId is deliberately set to a value for which no entity exists in the database. The intention is to trigger an EntityNotFoundException when org.jboss.seam.framework.Home tries to load the artist (entity instance) with id 200.

      What happens after above URL is accessed:

      Seam redirects to

      But it actually is supposed to redirect to
      , given the exception definition in pages.xml for the seamdiscs example.