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    seam request processing

    alex klein Newbie

      Hi Forum,

      is there any doku on what parts are called in which order when a request is processed? Something like: HttpRequest -> JFS-Servlet -> SeamListener -> EJB-Something -> ...
      Especially when and where are the beans created and how is the context managed in that process?

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          Norman Richards Master

          I've not seen anyone come up with an end-to-end picture, but all the parts decompose cleanly. The JSF request processing is fairly well documented. You can see the Seam integration points in faces-config.xml in the main JAR. From there, Seam does all of it's magic. I'm sure we could do better at documenting that, but it's not too hard to get a good picture of what is going on under the hood if you really need it. Once you get looking, post your specific questions back here. There are plenty of people here who would be happy to take the time to explain any sticky parts.

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            alex klein Newbie

            Hi Norman,

            Thanks for your reply. So I will start with jsf and work my way from there. Except for the source is there a way to determine what the Seam PhaseListeners do?



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              Monkey Den Master

              What I'd like to see is a clear decomposition of "all of it's magic"