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    Sortable columns, the simplest Trinidad way?

    Ning Zhao Apprentice

      I want my data table columns to be sortable. I've read this blog entry:


      But to sort the data set in memory is exactly what I want (There are usually 3~6 sortable columns in a single data table in my application. Fetching data set from a remote database on every sorting click sounds like a horror to me. Complexity of heap-sort is O(N log N)....I cache all the frequently used data sets in static fields in an APPLICATION scoped stateless bean.). Trinidad has that feature but I did not find information about how to use it together with Seam. I looked at the SeamDisc example from the latest CVS there are still questions:

      1. Do I have to use ajax4jsf if I only want to use Trinidad's sortable column feature? If not, how should the web.xml, faces-config.xml, and other configuration files look like?

      2. Is there any working example which has only Seam + Trinidad + Facelets together?

      3. Does this Trinidad thing work with JSF RI 1.2 (the latest JSF reference implementation) or do I have to use MyFaces to make it work?

      Any enlightenment would be highly appreciated!