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    Double nested conv. deletes parent's component

    Paul Pantages Novice

      Seam 1.2.1.GA

      Hello Forum,

      I have run into another oddity with nested conversations, when I try to nest more than 1 deep.

      Any ideas on this will be appreciated....

      I have conversation stack like this:

      [3,2,1] (contains component editorBean3)
      [2,1] (contains component tableBean2,dataModel2)
      [1] (contains tableBean1,dataModel1)

      The editor and table beans are all SFSB, @Conversational, scope

      The Seam debugger shows the above objects in the correct
      context/conversation after I start the two nested conversations.

      Conversation [2] is started by an s:link + propagation="nest".
      This link is in a t:dataTable rendered from dataModel1.

      Conversation [3] is also started by an s:link + propagation="nest".
      The link is in a t:dataTable rendered from dataModel2.

      In the above scenario, when I @End conversation [3], Seam
      destroys tableBean2. It disappears from the context, but the
      dataModle2 is not similarly deleted (verified by Seam debugger).

      I was not expecting this; components in conversation[2] should not
      be affected by the ending of [3], no?


      The nested conversations in each case are ended with @End. The @End
      action method returns a jsf outcome that returns the browser to the
      page from which the "edit" was launched.

      I don't see this same behaviour between [1] and [2]. Begining and
      Ending nested conversation [2] does not destory or affect tableBean1.

      I have 3 facelet pages that are used for the three cases.

      I don't have any conversation related directives in my pages.xml for the
      corresponding three views.

      There are no references to component tableBean2 by EditorBean3 or by
      the facelet/page 3.

      Conversation [3] is started from page[2]/Conversaion[2] like so. These
      s:links are renderd for each row in a t:datatable.

       title="Click to get Alarm details"
       action="#{eventEditor.showEventDetails}" >
       <f:param name="seqNum" value="#{alarmRow.sequenceNumber}"/>
       <f:param name="ctx" value="servicealarmdetails"/>

      Conversation [3] is ended by:

      The editor's done() action just returns a jsfOutcome which returns the browser to page[2]
      public String done()
       if ( log.isTraceEnabled() )
       log.trace ( traceprefix + "(" + Conversation.instance().getId() + ") done" );
       return this.jsfOutcome;

      I have also noticed the following. I don't know if these are significant or not:

      When the browser returns to page[2], the s:links in the table are
      rendered with the proper cid, but with lrc=false. The seam debugger
      and worksapces both contradict this, showing that cid 2 is still a
      long running conversation.

      The url on page[2] doesn't look right. Initially like:

      After Beginning then Ending Conversation [3] and returning to the page it looks like:

      I put debug statement in my @Create and @Destory method of the table,
      which uses Conversation.getInstance().getId() to print the CID.

      I am not certain if the CID is still valid in the destory method; but CID
      (3) is printed from in the tableBean2.destory() method.

      I.e., I see my log:
      tableBean2 (2) Create
      editorBean3 (3) end
      tableBean2 (3) Destroy

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          Paul Pantages Novice

          Hello forum,

          It seems that if I use beforeRedirect=true Seam will not remove the tableBean2 from the parent conversation.

          I am perfectly willing (and gratefully happy) to do this, but I think I am really just hiding a problem, not fixing it.....

          Is it perhaps a good practice to end nested conversations this way?

          public String done()
           if ( log.isTraceEnabled() )
           log.trace ( traceprefix + "(" + Conversation.instance().getId() + ") done" );
           return this.jsfOutcome;

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            Paul Pantages Novice

            Hello Forum,

            I have run into this problem again with nested conversations and wonder if anyone has see it in the interim.

            Using @End(beforeRedirect=true) does not help me this time.

            The symptoms are identical to my prior posting: when I @End the nested conversation, Seam destroys one of the components in the parent conversation.

            The destroyed object is annotated like so:

            I print the conversation id in the @Create and @Destroy methods and see:

            Client: [profileMapperMgmt] (8) Create
            Client: [AsciiEventEditorBean] (9) Create
            Client: [AsciiEventEditorBean] (9) Destroy
            Client: [profileMapperMgmt] (9) Destroy

            In this example, profileMapperMgmt is destroyed in conversation (9), the nested conversation, when it is ended.

            There are no references from the nested conversation's components to this particular object. Nor is the object used on the page (facelet) that is rendered by the components in the nested conversation.

            This just seems like a bug to me. The docs say the parent conversation's objects are read-only when in a nested conversation.

            Has anyone else run into this problem or anything similar?

            Thanks PdP