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    Does redirect.captureCurrentView save page parameters?

    Milli Coelho Newbie


      I have a page called profile.xhtml and it is loaded with two page parameters like http://localhost/profile.seam?pid=5&catid=3&cid=1.

      And in the backing bean I have

      class ProfilePage{
      private String pid;
      private String catid;
       public String connect() {

      In profile.xhtml I have a button with action as #{profilePage.connect}. When the user clicks this button without logged in, he is redirected to the login page. But after logging in, it redirects to http://localhost/profile.seam?cid=2 and does not restore the page parameters.

      I'm not using conversations. My question is am I doing something wrong or captureCurrentView does not save page parameters?

      I appreciate any help on this.