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    Persistence Strategy for Seam + Spring

    dapeng wang Newbie


      for a new application, I plan to use use a layered architecture based one seam + spring + hibernate.

      The spring example in Seam 2.0 shows how to use JpaTemplate to implement data access. I have a couple of questions:

      1.) It is still possible to use classical Hibernate POJO + Mapping file, but I will not be able to use Hibernate metadata validation. Right?
      2.) If I choose to use JPA, do I have to make the hibernate class EJB entity beans with @Entity? What is exactly the difference between Hibernate annotation and JPA (beside different configuration files) and EJB3 entity beans?
      3.) What is the best way to handle PersistenceContext or HibernateSession? Configure and manage it in Seam? But how can I get them injected into my Spring DAOs without using Seam annotation?

      Any feedback is appreciated.