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    How to build action parameter expression for s:button with v

    lpmon Novice

      I need to build a button to pass an argument to an action method. I can hard code the parameter and all is fine. I just cannot figure how to dynamically build it with tags.

      Key point: I need to use el to specify the Seam "named" method and I also need to use el to specify its argument. This creates a nesting scenario that I cannot figure out. The track var is the object

      <ice:dataTable id="trackList"
      rendered="#{not empty trackList.resultList}">
      <f:facet name="header">Click to Play</f:facet>
      <s:button value="Play" id="play" action="#{connectedUser.playMediaId(track.id)}"/>

      Track.id is passed as a null string to the method. I created a different method that takes a track object and tried passing track. I get a null object passed to the method.

      I am adapting the standard SeamGen pages for my app. I can get it to work if I use the select in the seamgen'd trackList page which passes the selected track to the track page. Then on that page I use trackHome.instance as the parameter to the method that accepts a track object. This works.

      One key difference between the two pages is in the tracklist page (non-working one) the data is provided by the var from ice:dataTable

      I want to get this to work in the trackList page inside the dataTable