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    No operation in WSDL with JBoss 4.2

    Johan Douilly Newbie

      I was using Jboss 4.0.5 to create webservice in an EJB project with eclipse, it worked just fine, but when I generate the webservice client, it added a "jaws" folder in namespace.
      That is annoying because if a Webmethod is returning an entity (for ex. EntityExample), it will be a webservice.EntityExample, but in the webservice client, it will be webservice.jaws.EntityExample and therefore casting is not possible. In my wsdl, instead of having

      <definitions name="WSServerCentral" targetNamespace="http://webservice">
      <import location="" namespace="http://webservice/"/>

      I was having :
      <definitions name="WSServerCentral" targetNamespace="http://webservice">
      <import location="" namespace="http://webservice/jaws/"/>

      When I try to use JBoss 4.2 instead of 4.0.5, in the wsdl I had the right namespace but I had no operation. Could someone tell me why? the same .jar file, when it's in the deploy folder of JBoss 4.0.5 it generates a wsdl with all my operations (webmethod) but with the wrong namespace and when it's in the deploy folder of JBoss 4.2 it generates a wsdl with no operation but the right namespace! I hope that I made myself understood.
      Thank you in advance