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    SeamGen enhancements

    Nicklas Karlsson Master

      Could it be useful to add an "expert"-mode to SeamGen?

      In this mode you would be able to hand-pick technologies for your project:

      Would you like to use facelets [y/n]? y
      Would you like to enable PDF generation [y/n]? n
      What component set would you like to use [ICEFaces, Trinidad]?
      Would you like to use Ajax4JSF [y/n] n?

      And it would copy just the required libs, sort out configuration compatibilities and Just Make Things Work(tm) ;-)

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          Pete Muir Master

          Yes, it would be great (I think) to have something like this. But someone needs to write it ;)

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            Nicklas Karlsson Master

            "Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it himself" :-)

            Well, the simplest case would be
            "If feature A is enabled, include these jars and config files"

            Then there would be the
            "If feature A is enabled, include these jars and add this to the existing config files"

            The most difficule would probably be
            "If feature is A enabled, include jar set X if also feature B is enabled but not feature C is, in other cases add jar set Y and add Z to web.xml if not feature C is enabled or not not neither Ajax4JSF !"#¤%#"

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              Max Rydahl Andersen Master

              not sure if seam-gen is the right place to this complexity.

              There are three parts here:

              1) Get the right dependencies

              2) Get the configuration adjusted

              3) Generate source code for "quickstarting"

              #1 Maven/Ivy is known to handle well

              #2 if the tool doesn't do it in delta's it will require pretty complex templates to accomodate for the combinatorial combinations.

              #3 is trivial when you have 1 and 2.


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                Pierre Raoul Novice

                An other "custom-made" approach would be:
                - keep a quickstarting as it is currently,
                without choice about the basic frameworks
                as Richfaces...
                - add the possibility to use specific technologies
                e.g. joda datetime, PDF generation...
                - and still be able to regenerate all the project without deleting
                the specific developments

                This means to add in seam-gen some custom entry points like:
                - library declarations in xhtml templates
                - type filters in edit/viewproperties.xhtml.ftl and list.xhtml.ftl
                - derived classes for HomeEntity and ListEntity in build.properties
                - some src/misc directory to put in it the project devlopments
                - ...