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    Hibernate Search / Compass Gps

    Ransford Segu-Baffoe Newbie

      Does the Hibernate search feature in Seam relies on Hibernate persistence or could it be use with other persitence tools like openjpa?

      Also can compass GPS, be plug into seam framework just as Hibernate search does?


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          Emmanuel Bernard Master

          Hibernate Search today relies on Hibernate Core. If someone is interested in constributing, abstraction might be a doable task and certainly a good exercise for JPA 2.0

          Integrating Compass and Seam is different. Hibernate Search extends both the Sesison and EntityManager API to provide a unified view to the user. Compass querying model is different, it has it's own Session-like object.

          So integrating HSearch was easy, since it just extends existing frameworks integrated with Seam esp JPA. For Compass, something different would be needed.