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    questions about jboss embedded warns

    Stateless Bean Novice

      Finally i run my jboss embedded on tomcat 6.0, but im warring about few warns. Can anybody explain me this

      JBoss Messaging Warning: DataSource connection transaction isolation should be READ_COMMITTED, but it is currently NONE.
      Using an isolation level less strict than READ_COMMITTED may lead to data consistency problems.
      Using an isolation level more strict than READ_COMMITTED may lead to deadlock.

      i added transaction isolation to my project-ds.xml like

      but don't know why still I get this warning? maybe for tomcat, transaction isolation should be in some other place?

      (JBossTimerServiceFactory.java:restoreTimerService:112) -TIMER SERVICE IS NOT INSTALLED
      WARN 14-08 14:07:53,656 (JBossTimerServiceFactory.java:restoreTimerService:112) -TIMER SERVICE IS NOT INSTALLED

      Why I get twice timmer service warn?

      WARN 14-08 14:08:08,515 (Component.java:checkScopeForComponentType:351) -Stateful session beans was bound to the APPLICATION context - note that it is not safe to make concurrent calls to the bean: collectionControler

      what this means?

      and finally what this means?

      WARN 14-08 14:06:56,406 (UnifiedLoaderRepository3.java:addClassLoader:675) -Tried to add non-URLClassLoader. Ignored
      WARN 14-08 14:06:59,937 (TxControl.java:<clinit>:266) -[com.arjuna.ats.arjuna.coordinator.TxControl_1] - Name of XA node not defined. Using 531e3530:e99:46c19ae3:0
      WARN 14-08 14:07:08,359 (JDBCPersistenceManager.java:start:143) -