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    301 Redirect

    Gurunnathmani Pandi Newbie


      We are using Jboss server and Apache Httpserver. I deployed my application in Jboss server but accessing it via Apache server using URL-Rewriting.

      We are working on optimizing our web site for Search Engines to rank it higher during searches

      We access our application using its domain name viz. "www.apps.com" and internally redirect it to "www.apps.com/login.do", SEO suggests that we avoid login.do in the end to improve the ranking of our site. To avoid login.do we defined a 301 re-direct rule in our httpd.conf file to redirect www.apps.com/login.do to www.apps.com but it gets into an indefinite loop as Apache and JBoss seem to have a tug-of-war w.r.t the context root as Apache defaults to "/" (i.e. port 80), it works only if :8080 is appended to the url i.e. www.apps.com:8080

      Is it possible to have Apache and Jboss share the contect root and make both work?

      Thank You