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    s:link id broken

    Stateless Bean Novice

      I think s:link component is broken.
      Why when id add "id" to my s:link, its not rendered?

      when I add

      <s:link id="testID" value=" #{messages['mainPage.testFive']}" action="/Help.xhtml" styleClass="h1" style="color: gold;" />

      then I get:
      <a href="/Universum/Universum.seam?actionOutcome=%2FHelp.xhtml&cid=1" style="color: gold;" class="h1"> here</a>

      I moved my app to seam 2.0 beta1, and all ajax functions don't work for this, half app is broken.

      I use:
      Tomcat 6.0, JDK 1.5_09, JBoss Embedded,