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    suggestionbox-can't focus fields with mouse after popup disa

    knuwu Newbie


      The suggestionbox ist working fine, but I have the strange problem that input fields which had been coverd by the suggestion popup, can't be focused with the mouse after the popup disapeared. The tab key is working under most conditions.

      This behaviour is IE specific. If you try the same page in Firefox all works fine.

      Does anybody know something about that problem?

      Greetings Ralph

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          knuwu Newbie

          Sorry, this is a copy of the post in RichFaces User forum. I'm talking about the RichFaces component suggestion box.

          The point to adress this forum is:

          Seam is preconfigured to use RichFaces and it is a real nightmare to use something different!!!

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            Matthias Gabathuler Milsom Newbie

            Finally we managed to solve this problem by changing some code in suggestionbox.js. We are now only focussing in 'onblur, if it's not an IE (starting at line 266):

            if (RichFaces.navigatorType() != "MSIE") {
             offsets["x"] = 0;
             offsets["y"] = 0;
             if (event.clientX > offsets["x"] && event.clientX < (this.update.clientWidth + offsets["x"])) {
             if (event.clientY > (offsets["y"] - this.update.clientHeight) && event.clientY < offsets["y"]) {

            For us this works. Whether there are other issues now, I can't say. We are using the 3.0.1 Snapshot of Richfaces.