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    Where are aliases for fully qualified names of Seam Componen

    stephen.friedrich Novice

      I'd like to complain at JetBrains support that Idea does not recognize the short aliases (e.g. "identity") for fully qualified components names ("org.jboss.seam.security.identity").
      However I can't find where those aliases are configured.
      Doc says it's in the seam jar's components.xml, but that only contains imports that I can't resolve to anything sensible. There's no systematic reference section for the components.xml format in the Seam docs. The components-2.0.xsd also has no comments.

      Also I noticed that the docs (3.2.7 Component Names) use this:
      Has the syntax changed with JBoss EL? Previously it had to be
      If so: How are ambiguities resolved?