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    localization messages access from Java code

    Dimitar Nikolov Newbie


      I am trying to access a message defined in my messages_en.properties file from my backing Java code per the instructions in the Seam manual in the localization/internationalization section. I am doing something like this:

      @In("#{messages['l.someDbTable.usexCol']}") private String ORIENTATION_USEX;
      @In("#{messages['l.someDbTable.useyCol']}") private String ORIENTATION_USEY;

      private final SelectItem[] ORIENTATION_ITEMS = new SelectItem[] {
      new SelectItem(this.ORIENTATION_USEX),
      new SelectItem(this.ORIENTATION_USEY)

      Doing this results in a NullPointerException at the SelectItem array declaration. I am assuming I need to specify what messages is somewhere in an xml config file.

      Note that I can refer to messages in my xhtml front end code as in: #{messages['l.someDbTable.useyCol']}

      In my faces_config.xml I have this :


      but I am not sure how relevant this is. Can you provide a solution or a more detailed source on using localization in Seam? Thanks!