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    How to render pdfs (using iText) in a new window?

    Grant Rettke Novice

      Hi folks,

      We are using the wonderful Seam iText integration to prepare simple reports for the users. This actually isn't a question about iText, since that works great.

      Right now they are redirected to a web page that generates the reports and this works fine, but there is no way to return to the previous page (in this case the search page) without clicking the URL for that page again (no back button of course!). The problem with this is that the selections on the search page actually get lost (not sure why, submitting the form ala commandButton).

      As such, I would like a solution to this, and I am thinking that one approach would be to redirect the user to the pdf page in a new window?

      What are some other approaches? What would you recommend?