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    control the scrolling of rich tree

    Frank Weiler Newbie

      Hello to all,

      in my little seam/richfaces application there is a tree component, that displays lots of nodes. Scrolling is enabled by style="overflow:auto;".
      The problem is as follows:
      If a node is selected (programmatically during adviseNodeSelected-handler) and it was not visible before, the node is scrolled up to the visible area.
      So far so good, but: The node is only scrolled up a bit over the bottom border of the tree. Its child nodes remain invisible.
      So question comes: How can I control the scroll offset of the tree ? I want the scrolling to go a bit higher than it is done at the moment, so that child nodes of the selected are also visible.

      Thanx for anwsers.

      BTW: Where is the whole scrolling functionality coded ?