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    Capability of inserting permissions into working memory want

    Vladimir Kovalyuk Apprentice

      I'd like to something like the following:

      class Authenticator {
       boolean authenticate() {
       User user = em.createQuery(...);
       for(UserRole role:user.getRoles())
       for(String permission:role.getPermissions())
       Identity.instance().assertObject(new Permission(permission));

      I need the following interfaces:

      1. ability to work with WirkingMemory in authenticate()

      2. ability to traverse all the seam components and JPA entities in order to build a list of available permissions. The list of permissions is supposed to be used in UI on the UserRole page where the admin can configure permissions for role. I saw similar to that in different sorts of applications so I consider that as reasonable default capability of Seam Security.

      3. default Drools rules that produces check against permissions defined as above