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    Build system

    Hari N Newbie

      I have been using Seam 1.21.GA for my project. I am looking for some advice on having a build system. Some of the common problems I am facing are

      a) No help on GUI for using the rich:tags etc.
      Solution : I am using the JSF facelet files as jspx files so that eclipse provides some sort of tag completion

      b) No way to check the validity of the facelets files. ( i.e. there is no way to check if there is a managed bean by this name / or a method is available . ) This is becoming a big problem for the team since it takes time to deploy / explode and then catch the error . Is there a better way to check for the presence of the beans / methods during compile team. Any suggestions ?


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          None None Master

          The IDE tools need to catch up with the power of Seam. One thing for catching facelet file validity: I have a task in my ant build.xml file which creates an exploded EAR file. That is what I deploy during development. I have another task in the build.xml file which pushes all the current .xhtml file to the exploded EAR file. That way, if there is a mistake in a .xhtml file, I edit the file, save it, run the ant task to push the .xhtml out, and hit reload on the browser. Takes a few seconds and lets me check without needing to redeploy.

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            Devon Hillard Novice

            Have you tried seam-gen and the build script that it creates for your project? It has the nice auto-deploy of altered view assets (if you're using eclipse), and is pretty handy.

            I can't help on the facelet file validation front.

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              Max Rydahl Andersen Master

              a) jboss tools does that

              b) jboss tools does that (not part of ant, but we warn if some expression is not resolvable)

              so have you tried jboss tools beta3 ?

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                Hari N Newbie

                Hi Max
                Yes I have tried JBoss Tools Beta 3. I am currently unable to run it on my x86_64 bit Linux machines. Works fine on the 32 bit though

                I am impressed since this seems to be an improvement over the tools support .

                But I am looking for a task since I want to extend the task to do the following :

                If the bean changes I want to find all the xhtml files that refer to tthe method and then invoke the appropriate tests.


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                  Eric H Novice

                  Is there going to be something comparable to JBoss Tools for NetBeans? I'm almost married to NetBeans at this point.