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    Passing values between task nodes

    harpritt k Novice

      Hi lads and ladies

      Below is part of my process.

      what i would like to know is if there is a way to pass a conversation scoped variable that is available to the desision node on to the task-nodes.

      #{changerequest} is outjected to the desision node but is not available to the task-nodes because it is outside the scope.

      any ideas are greatly appreciated .....

      <decision name="decide" expression="#{#somthing.expression}">
       <transition name="yes" to="approver_approve_CR"/>
       <transition name="no" to="assign_approver_to_CR"/>
       <task-node name="assign_approver_to_CR">
       <task name="assign_app_to_CR" description="unknown">
       <!-- This will appear in the pooledtasklist not the taksList -->
       <assignment pooled-actors="CRS_Processor"/>
       <transition name="submit" to="approver_approve_CR"/>
       <task-node name="approver_approve_CR">
       <task name="ap_approve_cr" description="#{crId}">
       <assignment actor-id="#{changerequest.crApprover}"/>
       <transition name="accept" to="process_CR"/>
       <transition name="reject" to="editor_revise_CR"/>