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    display an error message on form validation

    jérôme martinez Newbie


      Usually I use this to display my messages:

      <f:facet name="afterInvalidField">
       <s:div styleClass="errors">
       <s:message />

      but now I don't want to display the messages after each fields but in a place designed to this in my website (on the top of the site). This place is always rendered and the code is included in an other xhtml file (to avoid to duplicate the code in each forms).
      I've tried to use the <s:message /> tag in my other xhtml file but no messages appears.

      So my question is : Can I use the <s:validateAll /> tag in one xhtml file and display error messages in an other xhtml file (included in the website with the <ui:include src="file.xhtml" /> tag)?