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    selectItems & selectOneMenu

    hager hager Newbie

      I'm using selectItems and I have a problem,
      this my code

      <h:selectOneMenu id="selectOneSituationDeFamille" value="#{collaborateurHome.instance.situationDeFamille}">
      <s:selectItems value="#{collaborateurHome.situationFamilleKeys}"
       var="situationFamilleIterator" label="#{collaborateurHome.situationFamilleMap[situationFamilleIterator]}"
       noSelectionLabel="Pas de situation"/>

      when i choose an item from the list, and i submit the form, a null value will always be insert in the database, but when i remove the attribute noSelectionLabel="Pas de situation" , i obtain the correct value.
      but i have to use the noSelectionLabel attribute.

      what can I do?