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    Configuring Seam Filters through components.xml

    Greg Kasi Newbie

      Is it possible to configure Seam Filters through the components.xml?

      My Filter on Seam 1.2.1 :
      public class WebTrendsFilter extends AbstractFilter {
      public static final String FILTER_ENABLED = "FILTER_ENABLED";

      * _log - Default Logger injected from SEAM.
      private Log _log;

      * Club configuration provider for page information.
      private IClubConfigProvider _clubConfig;

      My issue is that when I try to configure the filter through the web.xml, the objects with the @In annotation come up Null, and are not injected by Seam. Therefore, I tried adding it to the components.xml, but have not had any luck whatsoever. Here is what I have tried placing in components.xml:


      Is there a special tag to designate a component as a filter? If so, I am assuming you can designate a url-pattern to apply the filter too? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.