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    Managing Pageflow - is the following possible ?

    Jacek Zebrowski Newbie

      Now I've learned that Using Seam/JSF pageflow method user gets redirected in two ways :

      <s:link view-id=something.xhtml>foo</s:link>

      Redirects user to something.xhtml

      <s:link action="#{Mybean.MyAction}"/>foo</s:link>

      In that scenario user clicks on foo link action Myaction from MyBean seam component gets invoked. Action returns outcome string wich is checked against pages.xml - user gets redirected to a particular view.

      Im intrested actually with a following behavior (wich in essence is the mix of the two) :

      User clicks a link, link has outcome string Attached to it. Outcome gets checked against pages.xml corresponding to a current view. User gets redirected to a view matching the outcome (that is - attached in pages.xml).
      Advantage of this is that i need to settle my outcomes once in JSF template then i Can manipulate them in pages.xml only.

      My problem is that i dont know wich widget (JSF or seam) to use.