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    does seam support authenticate from get parameter?

    sailor chibi Newbie

      i have a empty ssoLogin.xhtml
      and a ssoLogin.page.xml like this

       <navigation from-action="#{identity.login}">
       <rule if="#{identity.loggedIn}">
       <redirect view-id="/home.xhtml" />

      and my authenticator is
      @RequestParameter private Integer userid;
      public boolean authenticate()
       log.info("authenticating #0", userid);
       if(userid != null && userid > 0){
       user = entityManager.find(User.class, userid);
       facesMessages.add("found user = " + user);
       if(user == null){
       facesMessages.add("login failed");
       return false;
       facesMessages.add("login success");
       return true;
       facesMessages.add("userid empty");
       return false;

      then i try to open ssoLogin.seam?userid=1, it will show me the empty file without running authenticate function(no log info, no message, jpda trigger did not engage)