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    DataModel and controls other than h:dataTable

    Daniel Kane Novice

      Dera Seam profies ,

      does DataModel / DataModelSelection work with multi-item controls other than h:dataTable ?

      I need a horizontal set of links based on List of entities. For that, I am using ui:repeat referring to DataModel values. Values are being displayed well. But clicking on particular link does not initialize DataModelSelection :

      <ui:repeat value="#{propertyCategories}" var="propCat">
       <s:link action="#{terminalList.updatePropertyDefs}" value="#{propCat.phrase}" reRender="propListPanel"/>

      ("updatePropertyDefs" method uses class member marked with @DataModelSelection , and this member is always null)

      Similar code with h:dataTable was always fine in my apps.

      Thank you !