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    Seam and JPA reverse engineering in MyEclipseIDE

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      Anybody used JPA reverse engineering with Seam in MyEclipseIDE?

      I just did it for a Customers table with the DAO option and it created the following tables:

      Customers.java (entity bean)

      I'm not sure what this buys you other than more complication (add'l files to worry about) and some finder methods in the DAO. In the DAO, it's not using DI so there is a method such as getEntityManager() that gets called multiple times in the class. DI seems more efficient (but this wizard for JPA reverse engineering is not Seam-based). It seems simpler to use a JSF, POJO for business logic, and an entity bean. That's it. This adds 2 files to the mix. Is the abstraction really necessary?

      So does anybody have any thoughts on this? Do you really need this DAO option in MyEclipseIDE for JPA reverse engineering and when?