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    Failure to create and deploy a Seam project using the new st

    Tamir Weiss Newbie

      I've spent the last couple of days trying to overcome my problem, without sucess ...

      I've downloaded the new RedHat studio, as I'm relatively new to Seam, and wanted "someone else" to do all the seam setup for me.

      I'm trying to build a simple WebApp with EJB3 support (I want my actions to be SLSB) , and deploy it on Jboss AS 4.2.1.

      Sounds simple ?? I can't get it to work !!

      By default, the Seam project is created as a Web project, which doesn't have EJB3 support. When I choose to create the project as an EAR deployment, I DO get the EJB3 support, but now the IDE tells me that

      "Project facet EAR 5.0 is not supported by target runtime JBoss 4.2 runtime."

      I know it sounds silly, but I'm stuck.

      I'm sure it can be done somehow and I'd appreciate your help.