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    Asynchronous JavaBean method not getting called

    Damian Harvey Master

      I have a method in a JavaBean that sends out an email and I'd quite like it to be asynchronous.

      My method is annotated with @Asynchronous and I have <async:timer-service-dispatcher/> in my components.xml. However the method never gets called even though I do explicitly call it.

      public void send(Company company, String[] roles, String subject, String content) {

      If I comment out the @Asynchronous then the method is called fine and my email is sent.

      I'm using Seam 1.3.0.ALPHA (should really upgrade but waiting for 2.0.GA) and in my components.xml I've set it to use the async-2.0.xsd as none exists for 1.3.

      Are there any issues/tricks that I should be aware of? The Seam Mail example works fine on the same server and my config looks the same (for the async stuff).