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    Advanced Seam Book coming??

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      I'm reading my 3rd Seam book now. Practical JBoss Seam Projects. Seems to rehash a lot of the material from the other Apress book and the Yuan book. Pretty short as well.

      Are there any authors working on an advanced Seam book that discusses best practices, design patterns (DAO, etc.), scalability/performance/clustering, OOAD/UML chapter?

      Basically a book that doesn't cover, "you need Java 5 for annotations", and this JBoss AS version, etc.

      I know the Yuan book covered some advanced topics like difference b/n saving state to client or server, clustering and DAO a little but a lot of it was intro as well.

      There may be some books in process on Seam 2...