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    Two web applications in one Seam app

    Mads Henderson Newbie


      I am trying to crate a Seam application with two separate webapplications. That is, I want to deploy one ear file containing to war files, both using the same ejb jar file.

      The reason for this is that I need one application for customers to maintain their own data, and one application for customer support with admin access to all data.

      The two applications will have a different look and feel, and completely different views on the same data.

      Since both applications will be working on the same datamodel in the same database, it seems fair that they share the same ejb jar file in the same application context.

      I have come a long way with this, but I am now experiencing a problem when loging in. Since the two war files share the same jar file, they are both using the same Authenticator class when logging in.

      In my Authenticator I need to inject an actor in order to apply roles (admin vs ordinary user etc.) so I use:
      @In Actor actor;

      The strange thing is that when I log in to one of the webapps, this is working fine, but when I try to log into the other, I get the "In attribute requires non-null value: authenticator.actor" error.

      I can not set the required flag to false, since I need the actor in both applications.

      My guess is that I am violating some fundamental principle here, and I would like to know if there is a way to deploy two (Seam) webapps in the the same ear file, or am I a complete nut-case for even trying?

      Thanks in advance