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    Potential Bug (?)

    Wolfgang Schwendt Newbie

      The following is a potential bug.

      How to replicate:

      Use the CVS-based Seam and modify the seamdiscs example as follows:

      Make the following changes to WEB-INF/components.xml

      // remove the definition of the "discs" query with a comment
      <!-- <framework:entity-query name="discs"
       ejbql="select disc from Disc disc"
       order="disc.name ASC"
      // add the following definition of a "discs" query instead
       <component name="discs"
       <property name="ejbql">select disc from Disc disc</property>
       <property name="order">disc.name ASC</property>
       <property name="max-results">5</property>

      Afterwards click on the following URL

      and an exception is thrown when javax.el.BeanResolver tries to access the dataModel property of the discs-Query Object.