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    Help with EntityHome Maintaining Conversation State


      How are the fields on a seam-gen-ed Edit page synchronized with the instance in the EntityHome? I know they work when you save or update the instance, but what if you navigate to another page in the same conversation and come back to the edit page? How can you maintain the state of all the text fields on the page so user changes are not lost? Is there a way to do this without persisting the entity?

      I have a simple create/edit page generated from seam-gen 1.2 that uses the EntityHome to handle persistence. I also have a field with a lookup button next to it that allows users to lookup information on a search screen that is used to populate the Create/Edit pages' form fields.. The user clicks the button and is presented another search screen. When the user searches and finds what is wanted s/he select the appropriate record and is sent back to the Create/Edit page. When s/he is returned to the Create/Edit page any fields that the user had filled in but not saved are empty. It was my understanding that the EntityHome would maintian the state of all values on my Create/Edit page since this is done in a conversation manner. (I have verified when the user moves from the create/edit page to the search page and back again, it all happens in the same conversation). But something is happening when the "Lookup" button is clicked where the input text fields are not updating the Entity instance in the EntityHome.