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    Seam CRUD application integration to JBPM and JBoss Messagin

    Ajeet Phansalkar Newbie

      I have generated a CRUD application from certain tables in DB with seam-gen and it works fine.

      From one of the data entry screens I would like put a simple message on queue and also trigger a JBPM flow after the database save/update.How do I go about doing this.Currently the flow is :

      Create screens calls a entity bean which call the persist,update method on the EntityHome object of seam framework.There is no layer between the page and entity bean where I can place the code to put a message on queue or make calls to JBPM.

      Can i overide the persist method of the Entity Home in the entity bean so i have a method to place the code.

      Or can i create a stateless session bean which will call teh entity bean methods.

      As i am new to seam,JSF,ejb 3.0 I may not be understanding the concepts very clearly hence would like to have certain inputs on this.