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    Decoupling between application and business layers using Sea

    nikhil thakur Newbie

      I have been observing the JBoss Seam documentation on the web. It seems there is not much talk on the decoupling aspects for the application and business layer. Would like to know how can seam with JSF/ICEFaces and Session beans/ Entity Bean decouple the layers? Can it really?

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          Monkey Den Master

          When I first started with Seam, I was a bit confused as to how I might design an application with it. Now that I have worked with it for a year or so, I can't understand why people have trouble with this. The fact is, Seam changes nothing about this type of design. I don't even use EJBs as backing beans. My backing bean (POJO) is still the facade to all the disparate layers of my application.

          I still maintain, however, the belief that most applications are terribly over engineered, and never change significantly until the "next big thing" comes along and someone decides to rewrite it entirely anyway. So go ahead, couple it. It likely won't be alive for more than 5 years anyway. :)

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            nikhil thakur Newbie

            Monkeyden thanks for the response.

            If I am using the Session beans or Entity Beans(as per Gavin's example on the well known ppt), in that case EBs/SBs are backing bean. Thats the proposal that Gavin makes. In that case the entity beans are moreover value objects. So this kind of the framework makes EJB3.0 as value objects and couples tightly with application layer - Seam.
            Or is it that JBoss Seam's annotation answers my Query? Can someone put more light on this? Let's look at this on the architectural per say...