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    @AutoCreate and create = true does not work

    Troy Tarrrant Newbie


      I have two APPLICATION scoped components and one needs to be @In jected with the other, however I get

      SEVERE: Error Rendering View[/cgsimulateentry.xhtml]
      org.jboss.seam.RequiredException: In attribute requires non-null value: entrySimulation.exAP

      Seam recognizes the components and they are in the right scope as I can see this in the JBoss startup.

      17:17:54,968 INFO [Component] Component: entryGate, scope: APPLICATION, type: JAVA_BEAN, class: model.EXAccessPoint
      17:17:54,976 INFO [Component] Component: entrySimulation, scope: APPLICATION, type: JAVA_BEAN, class: model.EXSimulation

      My two components look like this:

      public class EXAccessPoint {
       @Logger Log log;
       @In EntityManager em;
      public class EXSimulation {
       @Logger Log log;
       @In EXAccessPoint exAP;

      What have I missed why can't seam auto create the EXAccesPoint class when it needs to be @in-jected into EXSimulation??