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    Multiple injection of the same type

    Branimir Minkov Newbie


      I have been struggling for two days but still do not find the answer. Imagine the following scenario:

      --- EJB ----
      public class TestDataBindingAction implements TestDataBinding {

      @In(value="suppAddress", required=false) private TestAddress suppAddress;
      @In(value="buyAddress", required=false) private TestAddress buyAddress;

      --- EJB Entity ----
      public class TestAddress {
      --- EJB Entity ----

      --- A Part of Facelet ----

      <h:form id="supplierAddressForm">

      ID : <h:inputText value="#{suppAddress.id}" />
      City : <h:inputText value="#{suppAddress.cityName}" />
      TEST : <h:commandButton value="Add New Supplier Address" action="#{testDataBindingManager.addNewSupplierAddress}" />


      <h:form id="buyerAddressForm">

      ID : <h:inputText value="#{buyAddress.id}" />
      City : <h:inputText value="#{buyAddress.cityName}" />
      GO : <h:commandButton value="Add New Buyer Address" action="#{testDataBindingManager.addNewSupplierAddress}" />


      Here both @In properties of type TestAddress are neither being injected. In the case I use only one with the exact same name as the entity @Name("address") works fine.
      Please give me a clue how to make it work with both being injected in case not at the same time and another case not at the same time(if possible).
      I am really stuck :-)