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    naive seam developer tries eclipse

    John Franey Novice

      I want to recreate the example/registration in my eclipse with WTP and Tomcat as web server. I built and ran the example outside of eclipse first and used the result as a reference.

      create Dynamic Web Project

      import files from the example/registration putting them in the 'right' place: lib, components.xml, a seam.properties, mc-config.jar, but not the jboss-seam-registration.jar. My intent had been to put the beans in the project's src directory and let eclipse build and deposit them in the build/classes directory. Eclipse manipulates the tomcat configuration (setting a classpath somewhere) so that build/classes is in the classpath of the webapp. But this is not enough:

      Looking into the reference build of the example, there appears to be a strong reason why the beans were bundled into a jar: to contain a seam.properties file. This file indicates to SEAM that the archive contains beans and should be scanned. Otherwise, the exception PropertyNotFoundException from JavaServerFaces library.

      So, great naive idea, create a seam.properties file in the src directory so it shows in the classes directory. It worked, well, no it didn't. Seems the other files in that archive are also needed.

      I'm not sure I want to continue forcing this to work. However, its a goal that I don't want to give up on yet.

      Any thoughts?