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    Conversation troubles - don't understand the principle

    Martin Kuhn Newbie


      I've problems using (and understanding) the conversation scope (using Seam 2 CVS)

      What I want to achieve is to have a menu with the following behavior:

      Behind a menu entry is a component instance (and a view)
      When I activate a menu entry an own "workspace" should be created (when no exists)
      When another activation of the same menu entry took place the existing conversation should be joined.
      This "conversation" should last until an explicit end of the coversation or timeout.
      Of course it should be allowed to change from one workspace to another.

      I tried to achieve this with a start method like this (with and without the id parameter):

      @Begin(join = true, id = "#{navigation.selectedItemId}")
      public void start() {
       log.debug("start" + getClass().getName());

      But in debugging I see only one conversation context.

      The behaviour of changing views with the menu is strange (as I described in my post http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=117430)

      Could anybody of you explain the correct way to achieve the desired behavior?

      When I use the session scope the behavior is (of course) correct.