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    How to refresh datamodel in EntityQuery

    karol Newbie

      A need to refresh datatable/datamodel from database. I want to do this from component that removes one of entity from the list.

      I tried several ways:

      1) reset to null datamodel on injected EntityQuery (userList) component

      public class EntityH<E> extends EntityHome<E> {
       @In(required = false)
       @Out(required = false)
       UserList userList;
       public String remove() {
       if (userList!=null)
       userList.entityDM = null;

      2) remove userList component from all context to force recreation
      - this method was suggested on that forum


      No one works - when redirecting to list page, deleted entity is still present.
      All components are in one conversation scope becouse I really need to propagate faces messages.

      Please help.