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    DataModel and DataModelSelection

    Wolfgang Schwendt Newbie

      One thing that I don't understand is why a @DataModelSelection annotation can ONLY be used in a component when there is also a @DataModel annotation placed on a field or getter method of this component ( Component.getDataModelSelectionName() enforces this).

      What are the reasons for this requirement?

      I think it would be very useful if @DataModelSelection could also be placed on a component even if this component doesn't expose a DataModel via the @DataModel annotation.

      Of course, if @DataModelSelection was used in a component without an accompanying @DataModel annotation used in this component, it would be necessary to set the value attribute of @DataModelSelection to explicitly provide the context variable name the DataModel is bound to.

      Any chances that the requirement could be lifted that @DataModelSelection needs an accompanying @DataModel annotation in the same component?

      If not, we cannot really leverage the org.jboss.seam.framework package, if DataModel selection should be handled.