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    hibernate validator: how to access seam component

    Alexander Mashtakov Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      There are two ejb-s:

      - Account (entity)

      Account {
      public String getLogin() {...}

      - AccountManager (session)

      AccountManager {
      public Account findByLogin(String login) {...}

      In order to check if account with the same login already exists or not, I
      developed a hibernate validator:

      public @interface AccountLogin {
      String message() default "the same login already exists";

      I'm trying to inject "accountManager" component into AccountLoginValidator in order to perform check but with no
      success - instance variable is always null:

      public class AccountLoginValidator
      implements Validator, PropertyConstraint {

      @In(create=true, value="accountManager")
      private AccountManagerLocal accountManager;


      With jndi lookup everything works fine, but I'd like to use seam
      injection facilities to get this reference.

      In any way to do this ?


      In page code bean I always get the reference to "accountManager"
      without any problem using the same @In anotation.