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    a4j degraded my YSlow marks

    stephen.friedrich Novice

      I am routinely checking my app using YSlow.
      Now I found that the addition of RichFaces (mostly a4j only for now) caused the overall performance grade to drop from "A" to "B", mostly because css and JavaScript belonging to a4j is served with a short expiration date.
      (The URL even contain the exact richfaces version, so a very long expiration date would not cause any issues.)
      Also JavaScript is added to the Header (instead of at the bottom of the page).
      See http://www.eekboom.de/yslow.png
      What especially bad, is that I can't add an expires header using urlrewrite (from tuckey.org), because that servlet filter isn't active when the css/js is served.
      Why is that?

      Also: Is it really necessary to add the a4j JavaScript in the head?