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    s:formattedText problem

    Peter Lustig Newbie

      Hello all,

      maybe this got lost, because it's now shown on page 3, so i repost my question, sorry for that

      i try to use s:formattedText, but what happens if the Input Syntax is not correct, e.g. i forgot to set a second (or third) * i retrieve an XML error like this:

      <b>Hello</b> World<b></p>

      The syntax used to produce this error was:

      *Hello* World*

      So is there any way to have the string that will be rendered checked if the syntax is well balanced before displaying it? Or is there some flag, that sort of "auto balances" the whole thing?

      Or maybe i can call some backend function from somewhere within the deep underground of UI component classes or a validator or whatever to avoid that type of error?

      So basically i want s.th. like this:

      If one enters Hello* then either * should be escaped, or a second * should be appendend, to satisfy XML well formedness (don't know if that's actually a word, but hope you get it)

      Any comments on this would be appreciated of course ;)