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    EL "model validation failed:null" / modelInstance evaluates

    Przemysław Wojewódka Newbie


      I' have custom facelets components in taglib named fc. They can be included in one another.

      form .xhtml contains person component with parameter person passed in using the seam component.

      <fc:personUI person="#{versionedPerson.person}" />

      person component include address component
      <fc:addressUI address="#{person.address}" />

      ...and here occurs problem. Validation (of addressUI) ends with: "model validation failed:null" which is caused by IllegalArgumentException. The exception seems to be caused because modelInstance evaluates to null within the validate method in org.jboss.seam.core.Expressions (trying to "bind" #{address} )

      When I replace durring dubbug '#{address}' to '#{person.address}' there is no exception thrown.

      Validation of personUI is OK, so there is a problem only in "second (deeper) passing" (hope anyone understood what I mean ;) ).

      very similar to this topic

      Any idea to solve it ? Is it a bug ?

      Many thanks in advance! ;)