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    Facotry-session and bean-conversation

    yohann Normandin Newbie

      Hello !

      I was wondering if it could be possible to have a bean wich his scope is CONVERSATION and a fctory in this bean whis his scope is SESSION. I want to do that but when I want to go to the xhtml page, I have this exception :

      Exception during request processing: javax.servlet.ServletException: factory method with defined scope outjected a value: orders

      My bean :

      public class OrderManager implements OrderManagerLocal, Serializable {
      @DataModel("orders") List<Order> orders;
      @Factory(value="orders", scope = SESSION)
       public void findOrder(){
       Query query;
       query = em.createQuery("select o from Order o where o.customer=#{currentContact.customer}");
       orders = (List<Order>) query.getResultList();

      Thanks Yohann