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    Business Process Demarcation Question

    neilac333 Novice

      I have a very common business process I want to model:

      Sales User searches for a customer
      Sales User selects a customer from search results and comes to "customer details"
      Sales User hits a "Place Order" button
      Sales User goes through all the machinations of creating an order spanning multiple pages
      Sales User finalizes the order and sends it to shipping for processing
      Shipping User sees the order in his queue and actually packs and ships the order

      Now I am curious about the "best" way to handle this. The fact there are multiple roles leads me to believe the JPDL is the way to go. Is this so? Or is that overkill?

      Also, where does the conversation begin? At the very beginning? Or when the Place Order button is hit for the selected customer? The latter makes more sense to me since one can certainly search for a user for other reasons than to place an order.

      Any insight into how best to model this--or into how I should re-orient my thinking--is very much appreciated.